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Spectre.ai How to Use Platform – Brokers Investment Master


Spectre.ai is a digital contract financial trading platform, offering traders the ability to obtain returns of up to 400% in just one transaction in minutes, or even seconds.

After registering, you get instant and unlimited access to the trading platform with a risk-free testing account, so you can start trading immediately with virtual funds.

You can access the settings section of yours in the upper right corner of the platform. Here you can also find the help and education sections.

Click on settings, and you will see several tabs; in the Trading Modes tab, you can add a real trading account and choose between the normal portfolio account or an account with Spectre’s exclusive portfolio, the option of “off-site” trading account, or you can choose the account with portfolio DeFi.

The next Trader’s Bay tab offers a range of improvements designed to significantly improve your trading experience.

Higher profits, up to 400%, larger trade sizes, more open positions at the same time and lower spreads are just some of the advantages available.

The following is our unique emotion control and risk management module, which allows you to define your own personal risk management settings to help avoid over-trading and reduce the risk of loss.

Then come the Trade Settings. Here, you can select the type of trading configuration you want to transmit to the trading platform.

Back to the main interface; here, at the top of the screen, the trade settings activated in your settings are displayed. The information contained in these alerts is not investment advice and is of an educational nature only.

To the right is Analytics. Here, you can get a quick overview of your gain rate and trading volume.

The next is Orders. Here, you can see your current open trade positions and, by clicking on “View All” and entering a date range, you can also see your expired positions and their results.

When negotiations are underway, this is also where you can close a deal earlier, thereby reducing risk.

Beside the balance sheet, you can switch between different trading modes, such as test accounts and normal accounts, and beside it is your account balance.

The shopping cart icon opens Trader’s Bay and you can access the deposit and withdrawal features on the green Deposit button here.

In the main part of the trading interface, you can see a detailed real-time graph of the chosen asset. Multiple tabs for different assets can be opened and traded at any time.

Each chart shows the movement of the selected asset and you can easily select the type of chart, chart tool, indicators and term by clicking on the respective button here.

On the right, you can start trading in your account by selecting your investment amount, expiration time – from just one second on selected assets to the end of the day – and the direction, in other words, if you predict the chosen asset will go up or down. You can add payment protection here.

At the bottom of the screen, you can switch the interface to either day or night mode. And here, you can see the live economic calendar that shows all of the pending and currently happening news events; both low impact, medium and high impact.

Click on time zones to quickly see market hours and the current status of the world’s foreign exchange markets.

Thank you for choosing Spectre and good deals!