Spectre.ai How to Deposit with advCash

1º Step

Login to Spectre.ai Login. Spectre.ai Login

If you are setting up your real trading account and
depositing for the first time, please now follow all
the subsequent steps. If, however you are an
existing client, please proceed to step 8.

2 – Step

After logging into your account for the first time, you will automatically have access to a demo account with virtual funds. This demo account allows you to experience some risk-free trading to get you prepared for the real thing.

Spectre Demo Account

3 – Step

Spectre.ai KYCIf this is your first time depositing, you will need to perform KYC and
upload your identity documents. You will only need to do this once.





4 Step

To make a new deposit, click on your username at the top rightSpectre.ai New Deposit
corner and then Settings.


5 Step

Select the tab ‘Trading Modes’ from the top Spectre.ai Trading Modes

6 Step

Choose Regular Account, and click the drop-down box ‘Source of Funds’.

Spectre.ai Regular Account

Spectre.ai Source of Funds

7 Step

Select Bank/Cards/E-Wallets. Your Regular account will now saySpectre.ai Bank Cards e-Wallets
that you have a fiat currency account linked.

8 Step

In order to make a deposit , make sure you have your RegularSpectre.ai Deposit
account selected from the top right side of the page and then click on the
green DEPOSIT button. You will then
see your region’s deposit options.
Select ADVcash.

Spectre.ai advCash Select

9 Step

Once you select ADVcash you will be able to start filling in the necessary information (the amount you wish to deposit). Click Next and then PROCEED.

Spectre.ai advcash depositSpectre.ai advcash Order





10 Step

A separate ADVcash window will now open. Enter your password for your ADVcash, confirm the amount is correct and then click ‘Login’ to access your ADVcash account.

Congratulations ! you have successfully deposited into your real account!

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