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IQ Option How to Use the Platform – Brokers Investment Master


The main window in the trading room shows a chart of an asset, just below the chart can the time interval panel that allows you to view the price change of the chosen asset for a selected period of time.

You can also zoom in or out on the chart, and focus on the current price. To select an asset or trading instrument, click on the trading instrument in the upper left corner of the chart or add a new asset by clicking the plus icon in the top panel.

In the right panel, you can specify the value of your investment by clicking on value. Right below you can see the leverage button, which is available for Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and ETFs. Leverage is used to borrow extra funds from a broker. Below you can see the green and red buttons that correspond to the directions of the price of an asset.

On the left side of the graph, the Technical Analysis menu is located. It consists of four sections: Chart Type, Time Range, Graphical Tools and Indicators. By clicking on the Graph Type icon, you can select a graph type, by clicking on the Graphical Tools icon, you can select additional tools to design and create Technical Analysis elements, such as trends, support lines and resistance lines. By clicking on the indicators icon, you can configure and apply various technical indicators, which will help you to analyze a market analysis. Here you can also customize the widgets to make your trading more efficient.

The left panel of the graph window consists of several sessions:

  • Total Portfolio – Shows all your active and pending positions, you can sort the positions by type of instrument and see the statistics of all your active positions.
  • Trading History – You can track all the trades you made, see how much you invested and what result you had.
  • Chats and Support – These are your communication channels with other traders and with our support at all hours of the week.
  • Leader Board – Shows the list of traders who achieved the highest profit on their real accounts in the last week.
  • Market Analysis – Provides news related to companies whose shares are available on our platform, in addition to various calendars.
  • Video Tutorials – It is a session where you can find all of our video materials, including educational videos, summary of news, reviews and etc.

If you need help go to the help section on the more tab, find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our platform or trading or ask our customer support experts if you have not found an answer to your question.

In the upper right corner next to the deposit button, you can switch between the practice account and the real account. The balance of your practice account is not limited, you can charge it for free every time the balance falls below $ 10,000.00. To make a deposit click on the deposit button, you will be redirected to the deposit window, a detailed instruction on how to make a deposit is available in the video How to Deposit Funds.

We wish you a successful negotiation!