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  • Very Simple Registration
  • Demo account with access to all features
  • Very simple and intuitive interface


  • Few assets (mainly cryptocurrencies)
  • Few withdrawal and deposit options
  • Not all assets are available in the most basic accounts
  • No bank payment slip and current account deposit
  • Unclear withdrawal methods for the Brazilian market

Binomo is an online brokerage firm best known for its commitment to low trading requirements, as well as a range of other beneficial features for new and veteran traders. This review covers all the details of the service that Binomo offers, from the trading platform itself to mobile trading apps, demo accounts and types of accounts. Read on to find out if this service is the best choice for you.

Company Details

Originating in 2014, Binomo has been a highly targeted service specifically for short-term traders.

Binomo is currently operating as an unregulated service, although it is a member of FinaCom. They are currently classified as ‘Category A’ by IFC, which gives them additional credibility for potential traders.

Binomo Trading Platform

The Binomo trading platform has been designed to be as practical, easy to use and convenient as possible for trading.

The company used ‘out of the box’ solutions for its own practical design that meets the needs of its customers.

Developed to include a range of immediate resources for traders, Binomo’s current iteration is anything but generic.

Efficiency and practicality are vital points for Binomo, in addition to offering competitive resources to its trading clients, such as daily tournaments.

The popularity of these competitions is increasing for many online brokers, and Binomo is ahead of the curve when it comes to offering a practical, reactive mobile and innovative platform that does everything for its specific customer base.

Binomo Assets / markets

Binomo houses more than 40 different assets that can be traded openly by traders registered on its platform. These assets include a variety of different markets and options, to provide trades with the greatest variety and flexibility possible.

Ideal for traders who don’t like to stick to a specific trade area for a long time and prefer to mix things up instead.

Binomo specializes in bullish / bearish trades, which means that he is not very available in terms of other contracts. But that limitation is easily overcome with the variety of options on offer – an attractive feature for many traders.

Binomo supports the sale of the following assets:

  • Currency pairs (GBP / USD, for example)
  • Leading actions
  • Indexes

With such a variety of assets and options available to traders, it is no surprise that Binomo continues to be a popular service for traders of all shapes and styles.

This is especially the case for more specialized assets, such as stocks, which may not be available on other platforms placed in the same way.

Binomo Mobile apps

Mobile commerce is bigger and better than ever, and Binomo has taken a steady leap in this trend, offering a platform that is fully accessible by smartphone.

Also available on tablets, the Binomo mobile app is available for both Android users and those who prefer iOS.

Push notifications are used as a smart way to keep traders on the lookout for anything from their current trades to upcoming competitions.

Binomo is part of an increasing number of traders who offer options and versatility, which is a positive point for the service in general.

Binomo Payment Methods

If you are looking for a platform that offers easy and convenient payment, then Binomo has the advantage.

As Binomo offers its services to a varied and international customer base, this means that there are many more options depending on your location. Both MasterCard and VISA are supported, with additional options available depending on your region and area.

For those just starting out, the minimum deposit you can make is $ 10 – making Binomo fully accessible to traders of all sizes and scopes.

Demo Account Binomo

As with all the best online platforms, Binomo offers a complete and fully functional demo account for potential customers to try.

All you need to do to access the demo site is to provide an email and you will receive $ 1000 in virtual money to use. Although some platforms offer reduced demo accounts, Binomo does not restrain itself in its offer.

It is possible to get a real sense of all the features of the platform, without ever spending a penny.

Binomo is known for the variety of promotions and deals it offers throughout the year. This includes some of the classics, such as the percentage of reloads in deposits, as well as some great sign-up bonuses.

These trades can change over time, so it is best to stay in control to find something that suits your trading style.

In addition to sign-up promotions and other deposit bonuses, traders who deposit $ 500 into their accounts will also be able to access a higher level of support and training through a designated manager.

Binomo Regulation and Licensing

Binomo is currently considered unregulated in the brokerage sector. However, the company is now actively working to maintain a Category A degree through IFC.

Binomo also has certain certifications to operate in specific countries, although these additional requirements are not listed on its website.

Additional features

Simplified, easy to use and practical to navigate, Binomo has provided a simple platform that is still full of great resources for traders to use and implement. This includes a range of different cutting-edge analytical tools, as well as an integrated calendar and tournament feature.

The focus on the platform is one that produces quality features that help its customers, which means that each new addition is solid, well-tested and error-free at launch.

Account types

Three levels of accounts are offered to traders using Binomo.

As with many online platforms, these different accounts are specified based on the amount of funding you place on the platform. This means that there is no additional cost or membership in a specific program needed to increase your level – all you have to do is increase the deposit amount to change the type of account over time.

The types of account that Binomo offers are as follows:

  • Standard:  Offers basic access to the Binomo platform and tournament features with a minimum deposit of $ 10
  • Gold:  offers access to faster strategy, withdrawal and management guides with a minimum deposit of $ 500 and a balance maintained.
  • VIP:  offers access to all privileges on the Binomo platform with a minimum balance of $ 1000.

Binomo makes it clear that even standard-level traders gain access to everything they need to trade easily and effectively. The bonuses provided to top-tier customers can be beneficial, but they are certainly not essential to getting the most out of the platform.


If you are a trader who is considering a short-term trading platform, Binomo may be the platform for you. Here are just a few of the reasons why you might want to make this your trading platform of choice:

  • Affordable, fully functional demo account
  • Clear, easy-to-achieve tiered account system
  • Only $ 10 needed to start trading
  • Custom designed platform that works easily on mobile devices
  • Many additional features and add-ons


While there are many positive aspects to choosing Binomo over other online trading platforms, there are also some disadvantages for this specific platform. Here are some reasons why you might want to think twice before making your final decision:

  • Limitations in the area of ​​popular commerce
  • No offline desktop software – only online access
  • Social trading and similar social resources are not integrated into the Binomo platform

Business Hours

As an international online trading platform, it is available 24 hours a day for your trading services – perfect for night owls or those in different time zones. When it comes to some features, such as competitions and tournaments, specific time intervals may apply.

Binomo readily supports its customers through several different methods, the most popular of which is live chat.

Live support is available directly through the Binomo platform, which means that traders do not even need to open a new window to discuss questions and problems with the support team.

A backup email support service is also provided, which usually responds within 24 hours:

Finally, traders can contact Binomo directly through their address:

Binomo Security and Protection

Security and protection are one of Binomo’s main concerns as an online trading platform that operates in several countries. By creating its own secure platform with full encryption, the platform has established a high level of security for its customers.

This is combined with safe and approved payment methods for withdrawals and deposits, further increasing the security of traders.

Binomo’s policy states that any client’s funds up to the value of $ 20,000 are protected against fraud when using their platform, and they use updated SSL encryption to further increase their security.

With hacking more common than ever for online trading platforms, it is crucial to be able to trust the chosen one from day one.

General verdict

What do we think of Binomo? As a trading platform, Binomo has all the resources needed to support traders – both new and veterans.

The lack of fees and commissions is also highly attractive to potential customers, especially when combined with a simplified and user-focused platform design. If you are looking to enter the trading market and are not concerned about the lack of encryption on offer, Binomo can be a safe bet for you.

Accepted Countries

Binomo accepts traders from South Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and operates in more than 130 different countries.

Merchants cannot use Binomo from Canada, United States, Australia, Mali, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Laos, Lithuania ,, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Norway ,, Sweden, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Switzerland, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Iran, Japan, Russian Federation, Belarus.

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